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World School Chess Championships 2013 Girls 09

Last update 14.05.2013 13:17:51, Creator/Last Upload: chess club union

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1WFMAssaubayeva Bibissara1739KAZ 8b1 2w1 3b1 10w1 4b½ 14w1 5b1 11b1 9w18,50,053,550,25
2Diajeng Theresa Singgih0INA 13b1 1b0 6w1 25w1 10b1 4w1 3b1 15w1 8b18,00,052,043,50
3Ananya Rishi Gupta1345IND 37b1 38w1 1w0 23b1 18w1 32b1 2w0 4w1 12b17,00,044,528,00
4WCMIsmayil Malak0AZE 5b1 20w1 12b1 9w1 1w½ 2b0 8w1 3b0 10w16,50,055,035,75
5Mironenko Galina0RUS 4w0 31w1 33b½ 7b½ 12w1 6b1 1w0 17b1 11w16,00,048,529,00
6Sovina Maria0RUS 17w1 11b0 2b0 27w1 29b1 5w0 22b1 14w1 18b16,00,046,027,00
7Stepanyan Eva0RUS 32b1 19b½ 14w0 5w½ 24b1 18b½ 10w½ 28w1 15b16,00,041,526,50
8Duran Esma Doga0TUR 1w0 30b1 13w1 11b½ 19w1 9w1 4b0 16b1 2w05,51,051,025,50
9Divya Deshmukh1437IND 36w1 27b1 11w1 4b0 14w½ 8b0 32w1 18w1 1b05,50,045,022,00
10Caglar Sila1389TUR 22b1 15w1 24b1 1b0 2w0 11w½ 7b½ 13w1 4b05,00,052,023,50
11Arda Doga Su0TUR 21b1 6w1 9b0 8w½ 16w1 10b½ 13b1 1w0 5b05,00,050,525,25
12Yuan Beline1564FRA 18w1 16b1 4w0 14b0 5b0 24w1 23w1 20b1 3w05,00,046,522,00
13Sultanbek Zeinep0KAZ 2w0 -1 8b0 21b1 17w1 16b1 11w0 10b0 23w15,00,045,522,00
14Lehaci Miruna-Daria1478ROU 39b1 23w½ 7b1 12w1 9b½ 1b0 15w0 6b0 19w15,00,045,020,75
15Onongol Tselmeg0MGL 29b1 10b0 18w0 31w1 35b1 25w1 14b1 2b0 7w05,00,042,519,00
16Kamalidenova Meruert0KAZ 26b1 12w0 20b1 24w1 11b0 13w0 29b1 8w0 25b15,00,040,520,50
17Bolu Yagmur0TUR 6b0 21w0 26b1 30w1 13b0 33w1 25b1 5w0 27w15,00,039,518,50
18Gnilorybova Victoria0RUS 12b0 26w1 15b1 35w1 3b0 7w½ 19w1 9b0 6w04,50,045,519,00
19Batkhishig Udval0MGL 28b1 7w½ 23b0 33w1 8b0 22w1 18b0 32w1 14b04,50,040,018,00
20Somton Anita0ENG 31b1 4b0 16w0 29w0 34b1 35w1 26b1 12w0 24b½4,50,037,515,00
21Ojog Felicia0MDA 11w0 17b1 35b0 13w0 31b1 26w0 24b½ 36w1 32b14,50,034,516,50
22Johnson Elizabeth0ENG 10w0 29w1 38b½ 28b0 39w1 19b0 6w0 37b1 33b14,50,031,510,75
23Mirlankyzy Azaliia0KGZ 25b1 14b½ 19w1 3w0 32b0 28w1 12b0 26w½ 13b04,00,041,517,00
24Beradze Anastasia0GRE 30b1 33w1 10w0 16b0 7w0 12b0 21w½ 38b1 20w½4,00,039,013,50
25Galvan Cipriani Viviana1272ESP 23w0 39b1 27w1 2b0 28w1 15b0 17w0 30b1 16w04,00,039,012,00
26Cebron Asja1386SLO 16w0 18b0 17w0 34w1 27b1 21b1 20w0 23b½ 28b½4,00,038,515,50
27Morozova Julia0RUS 35b1 9w0 25b0 6b0 26w0 31w1 33b1 29w1 17b04,00,037,513,00
28Sagynay Inzhu0KAZ 19w0 32w½ 34b1 22w1 25b0 23b0 37w1 7b0 26w½4,00,035,513,25
29Batgerel Enkhjargal0MGL 15w0 22b0 39w1 20b1 6w0 30b1 16w0 27b0 35w14,00,035,511,00
30Sinik Yagmur0TUR 24w0 8w0 -1 17b0 36b1 29w0 35b1 25w0 38w14,00,033,010,50
31Boldbaatar Altantuya0MGL 20w0 5b0 36w1 15b0 21w0 27b0 -1 39b1 37w14,00,031,07,00
32Can Isil0TUR 7w0 28b½ 37w1 38b1 23w1 3w0 9b0 19b0 21w03,50,040,010,50
33Unal Basak0TUR -1 24b0 5w½ 19b0 38w1 17b0 27w0 34b1 22w03,50,037,512,50
34Ben Fredj Mayssa0TUN 38w0 37b½ 28w0 26b0 20w0 -1 36b1 33w0 39b13,50,025,06,00
35Apostolakaki Evangelia0GRE 27w0 36b1 21w1 18b0 15w0 20b0 30w0 -1 29b03,01,035,09,50
36Harisi Anastasia0GRE 9b0 35w0 31b0 37w1 30w0 39b1 34w0 21b0 -13,00,027,04,50
37Kokona Iliana0GRE 3w0 34w½ 32b0 36b0 -1 38w1 28b0 22w0 31b02,51,033,06,50
38Shaikenova Aizere0KAZ 34b1 3b0 22w½ 32w0 33b0 37b0 39w1 24w0 30b02,50,031,05,75
39Gomez M. Chiquinquira0VEN 14w0 25w0 29b0 -1 22b0 36w0 38b0 31w0 34w01,00,031,52,50

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable