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Unified Home Festival ( Classic A ) 21 To 02-05-2013

Last update 02.05.2013 20:10:02, Creator/Last Upload: alain chess club

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMAbdelnabbi Imed2419EGY 11w1 4b1 10w1 13b1 3w½ 2b1 17w1 12b1 5b-7,50,0748,5
2IMSakelsek Tadej2439SLO 24b1 33w1 12b½ 3b½ 4w1 1w0 16b1 7w+ 13w+7,00,5646,5
3Hegazy Mohamed2261EGY 18b1 29w1 9b1 2w½ 1b½ 12w½ 5b1 13w+ 4w½7,00,5545,0
4Abtini Hasan1970SYR 15b1 1w0 18b1 25w1 2b0 14w1 24b1 9w1 3b½6,50,0643,5
5FMAlgildah Khalid2129SYR 38w+ 16b½ 25w+ 6w+ 13w0 10b1 3w0 17b1 1w+6,50,0642,5
6Mohammed Tarig Elther1993SUD 40w+ 17b1 13w0 5b- 18b0 31w1 25b1 24w1 12w16,00,0638,5
7Mayed Al-Rashedi1781UAE 14b1 12w0 36b1 9w0 22b1 33w1 10w1 2b- 17b+6,00,0638,0
8Alnami Salaheddin1825LBA 36w0 15b1 11w1 35b1 10w0 17b0 14b1 18w1 16b16,00,0637,5
9Hrenic Misa2026SLO 23b1 35w+ 3w0 7b1 16w1 13b0 19w½ 4b0 20w15,50,0543,0
10Amer Mohammed Bishara1974SUD 27w1 36b+ 1b0 33w1 8b1 5w0 7b0 11w½ 23b15,50,0541,5
11Abdallah Khaled Elnami1839LBA 1b0 21w1 8b0 36w1 14b0 28w1 29b+ 10b½ 19w15,50,0539,5
12Elnaami Hashem A.K1854LBA 31b+ 7b1 2w½ 16b½ 19w1 3b½ 13w+ 1w0 6b05,50,0447,5
13IMShoker Samy2480EGY 39w+ 20w1 6b1 1w0 5b1 9w1 12b- 3b- 2b-5,00,0547,0
14Holi Sief Al Din0SUD 7w0 22b1 29b+ 17b0 11w1 4b0 8w0 33b+ 27b15,00,0539,5
15Al-Hamoud Sham1433SYR 4w0 8w0 28b- 32b1 30b1 35w+ 20w0 26b1 24w+5,00,0533,5
16WIMAlgildah Nibal1886SYR 28b1 5w½ 26b1 12w½ 9b0 18w1 2w0 19b1 8w05,00,0438,5
17Bondok Ahmad Saeed1918EGY 21b1 6w0 27b1 14w1 33b½ 8w1 1b0 5w0 7w-4,50,0442,0
18Abdi Abdelkrim1668IRI 3w0 30b1 4w0 28b1 6w1 16b0 26w1 8b0 21w½4,50,0440,0
19Sharfi Askar0EGY 29b0 23w1 24b1 20w1 12b0 25w1 9b½ 16w0 11b04,50,0437,0
20Al Najar Huda1907SYR 37w1 13b0 35w0 19b0 21w+ 22w½ 15b1 25w1 9b04,50,0436,0
21Al-Moaamari Mozah1323UAE 17w0 11b0 42w+ 24w0 20b- 34b1 32w1 29b+ 18b½4,50,0432,5
22Amini Hossein Ali1478BRN 26b0 14w0 34b1 37w+ 7w0 20b½ 35w+ 23w0 29b+4,50,0431,5
23Al Shamisi Hareb Nasser1446UAE 9w0 19b0 30w1 26w0 34b½ 36b+ 33b+ 22b1 10w04,50,0430,5
24Zein Al Abedin Motie1713SYR 2w0 37b1 19w0 21b1 27w1 26b1 4w0 6b0 15b-4,00,0439,5
25Malek Al Hamoud1745SYR 42b1 26w1 5b- 4b0 31w1 19b0 6w0 20b0 30w14,00,0438,0
26Al Taher Rudwan Abdulla0SUD 22w1 25b0 16w0 23b1 35w+ 24w0 18b0 15w0 31b14,00,0434,0
27Al Maamari Wafia Darwish1440UAE 10b0 42w+ 17w0 29b+ 24b0 29w- 28w1 30b1 14w04,00,0432,5
28Alshamsi Amal Fadel0UAE 16w0 31b0 15w+ 18w0 36b+ 11b0 27b0 35w+ 34w14,00,0430,5
29WIMAl-Harmoudi Mona1746UAE 19w1 3b0 14w- 27w- 37w+ 27b+ 11w- 21w- 22w-3,00,0337,5
30Alshamsi Sultan Fadel0UAE 33b0 18w0 23b0 42w+ 15w0 37w+ 31b1 27w0 25b03,00,0330,5
31Alnyeyadi Abdulla1526UAE 12w- 28w1 33b0 34w1 25b0 6b0 30w0 32b1 26w03,00,0330,5
32Al-Hadrami Naser0UAE -0 34w0 37b0 15w0 42w+ 42b+ 21b0 31w0 36b+3,00,0328,5
33Al-Jelda Fatma1836SYR 30w1 2b0 31w1 10b0 17w½ 7b0 23w- 14w- 35w-2,50,0237,5
34Al Ali Hamad Mohamed0UAE -0 32b1 22w0 31b0 23w½ 21w0 36b- 36b+ 28b02,50,0227,0
35WCMAl-Maghbali Shama1599UAE 41w+ 9b- 20b1 8w0 26b- 15b- 22b- 28b- 33b-2,00,0236,5
36WCMKalbani Wadema1365UAE 8b1 10w- 7w0 11b0 28w- 23w- 34w- 34w- 32w-1,00,0135,5
37Al-Maghbali Ahmed0UAE 20b0 24w0 32w1 22b- 29b- 30b- 42b- 42b- 42b-1,00,0128,0
38Khalifa Al Zadjali1561UAE 5b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0026,0
39Al Amery Haitham1721UAE 13b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0026,0
40Abdulla Hossin Mohamed1638JOR 6b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0026,0
41Ilhomzoda Ikrom2212TJK 35b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,0026,0
42Sobhy Samy0EGY 25w0 27b- 21b- 30b- 32b- 32w- 37w- 37w- 37w-0,00,0025,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)