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45th International Ladie`s Grandmaster Tournament

Last update 12.03.2013 23:11:52, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team BUL

2WGMVoiska MargaritaBUL2289½11½½000½4,06

Player details

WGM Voiska Margarita 2289 BUL Rp:2154 Pts. 4,0
19WIMDragomirescu Angela2225ROU4,5w ½
21Nonkovic Bogdana2052SRB3,0s 1
310WIMVega Gutierrez Belinda2190ESP3,0w 1
43WIMDrozdova Dina2270RUS7,0w ½
54WFMMiladinovic Lena2116SRB3,0s ½
65WGMChelushkina Irina2281SRB5,0w 0
76WGMVega Gutierrez Sabrina2364ESP8,0s 0
87Zarkovic Mila2053SRB3,5w 0
98WGMBenderac Ana2226SRB4,0s ½