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The Chess Academy Beginners Tournament - ActiveKids AGE 6 and UNDER

Last update 03.03.2013 05:37:06, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Chan Kurtis0SJS
2Chang Keanu Tin Long0Learning Habitat (Tsing Yi)Kinderga
3Ching Hailey Hei Yip0Kau Yan
4Chow Chun Cine0St. Stephen's Church Kindergarten
5Hasson Isabel0CDNIS
6Hau Timothy0Kau Yan School
7Hon Zig Zeth0Kau Yan Kindergarten
8Ip Thomas0SJS
9Ko Ethan0Peak
10Leung Timothy0DBSPD
11Lui Long Kuen Steven0Wisely Kindergarten
12Naqvi Aleesha0
13Schneicher Dean William0BHS
14Schrantz James0ISF
15Wang Christie0HKIS
16Zhang Ryan0BHS
17Zhu Ethan0SJS