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2013 m. LTU moteru pusfinalis LTU ch woman semifinal

Last update 03.03.2013 18:57:27, Creator/Last Upload: Lithuanian Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Zykiene RitaLTU2015
2Vanagaite GiedreLTU1993
3Apanaviciute KristinaLTU1977
4Beliajeva OlgaLTU1937
5Zalimaite IevaLTU1901
6Cernavina KsenijaLTU1763
7Urbonaviciute ZivileLTU1746
8Semonaviciute AgneLTU1731
9Saumanaite SkaisteLTU1725
10Semonaviciute MigleLTU1560
11Butvilaite Berta RejaLTU1487
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