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73rd Armenian Championship. The Highest League

Last update 21.01.2013 18:05:12, Creator/Last Upload: armen-chess

Starting rank list of players

8GMMelkumyan Hrant13302485ARM26562662Yerevan
3GMPetrosian Tigran L.13301616ARM26482664Yerevan
4GMHovhannisyan Robert13302507ARM26152619Yerevan
9GMPashikian Arman13301578ARM26072601Yerevan
7GMGrigoryan Avetik13302191ARM25992577Yerevan
10GMAndriasian Zaven13302000ARM25982600Yerevan
6GMTer-Sahakyan Samvel13302531ARM25672569Vanadzor
2GMKotanjian Tigran13301250ARM25182519Yerevan
5IMHayrapetyan Hovik13302639ARM24882478Stepanakert
1FMAghasaryan Robert13302841ARM24432404Yerevan
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