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Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2013 - Masters

Last update 31.01.2013 18:34:57, Creator/Last Upload: stephen boyd ffe

Player overview for MNE

80WGMVojinovic Jovana2359MNE½10½0110116,076229415-9,75Masters

Results of the last round for MNE

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
105180WGMVojinovic Jovana23595 1 - 05 Ferrante Marco2227120

Player details for MNE

WGM Vojinovic Jovana 2359 MNE Rp:2294 Pts. 6,0
1206Rydell Marten1960SWE1,5s ½0,92-0,4215-6,30
2196FMGromovs Sergejs2001ITA6,5w 10,900,10151,50
313GMFridman Daniel2667GER7,5s 00,14-0,1415-2,10
4158Janev Pavel2126BUL6,5w ½0,79-0,2915-4,35
5136Jaunooby Ali R2178ENG4,0s 00,74-0,7415-11,10
6168Havik Victor2094NOR4,0w 10,820,18152,70
7127CMUrbina Perez Juan Antonio2214ESP3,0s 10,690,31154,65
832GMSalem A.R. Saleh2538UAE6,0s 00,27-0,2715-4,05
9128IMSanchez Castillo Sarai2212VEN4,5w 10,700,30154,50
10120Ferrante Marco2227ITA5,0w 10,680,32154,80