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Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival 2013 - Masters

Last update 31.01.2013 18:34:57, Creator/Last Upload: stephen boyd ffe

Player overview for LTU

38GMCmilyte Viktorija2515LTU1½1011010½6,055249510-0,90Masters

Results of the last round for LTU

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
102838GMCmilyte Viktorija2515 ½ - ½ FMFenollar Jorda Manuel232587

Player details for LTU

GM Cmilyte Viktorija 2515 LTU Rp:2495 Pts. 6,0
1160Dasaolu Rotimi2115NGR5,5s 10,920,08100,80
298FMVilluendas Valero Adrian2301ESP5,0w ½0,77-0,2710-2,70
392FMStockmann Michael2312GER4,5s 10,760,24102,40
41GMIvanchuk Vassily2758UKR7,5w 00,20-0,2010-2,00
594FMArvola Benjamin2309NOR5,5s 10,760,24102,40
690FMKvisvik Brede2314NOR6,0w 10,760,24102,40
711GMYu Yangyi2688CHN7,5s 00,27-0,2710-2,70
877IMAloma Vidal Robert2389ESP6,0w 10,670,33103,30
94GMWojtaszek Radoslaw2723POL7,0s 00,23-0,2310-2,30
1087FMFenollar Jorda Manuel2325ESP6,0w ½0,75-0,2510-2,50