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Novice Tournament Grade 4 to 6

Last update 18.11.2012 14:05:24, Creator/Last Upload: muñiz pardiño, alberto

Starting rank

1Borigas Edrien0Rose Bud
2Carroll Louis0Rosaryhill
3Chan Yan ChitHKG0
4Cheng Kwong YuenHKG0
5Chong Gordon0Peak
6Fong Vivian0HKIS
7Fung Jack0Peak
8Gaw Christopher0ISF
9Ho Ernest0Glenealy
10Ip Kobe0SJS
11Lee Priscilla0ICS
12Leung PhilipHKG0
13Maxime Saffon0Peak
14Rian Patrick FuasoHKG0THS
15Rosfelder Julien0
16Sze Nicole0ISF
17Tam BernandHKG0
18Tang Chor Wei0Discovery College
19Yau Bosco Kwun Hou0studio 49
20Yeung Dionne0ISF