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Torneig festa Major Andorra la Vella 2012

Last update 05.08.2012 19:08:32, Creator/Last Upload: federació d’escacs valls d’andorra

Starting rank list of players

12FMSimonet MarcAND2291
18Fassnacht PeterAND2170
6Jose Queralto DanielAND2133
16Monclus CarlesAND2000
11Vanyo Perez JoseAND1927
17Pampliega AntoniAND1876
15Orteu MaxAND1845
2Gorgues Valle Jose MariaAND1802
1Pantebre Martinez BenetAND1800
4Moscoso Rodriguez JoanAND1797
10Gomez Abad AntonioAND1785
5Pericas Rechi MarcAND1728
14Beleta IanAND1700
13Perez DanielAND1700
3Da Rocha Soares DianaAND1579
8Jansat Mir ArnauAND1546
9Riba Rivert ValentiAND1530
7Navarro Mignorance ErnestAND0