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IV. International Chess Festival Eforie Nord 2012 U8

Last update 29.06.2012 21:34:47, Creator/Last Upload: dombi rudolf


Round 1
111200Belocosov Suzana0 - 1Panfilii Laurentiu12008
221200Andries Victor1 - 0Slobozeanu Bucur12007
331200Folica Matei0 - 1Gavriliuc Razvan12006
441200Ghelbet Marius1 - 0Grecu Teodora12075
Round 2
181200Panfilii Laurentiu+ - -Grecu Teodora12075
261200Gavriliuc Razvan1 - 0Ghelbet Marius12004
371200Slobozeanu Bucur1 - 0Folica Matei12003
411200Belocosov Suzana0 - 1Andries Victor12002
Round 3
121200Andries Victor0 - 1Panfilii Laurentiu12008
231200Folica Matei½ - ½Belocosov Suzana12001
341200Ghelbet Marius1 - 0Slobozeanu Bucur12007
451207Grecu Teodora- - +Gavriliuc Razvan12006
Round 4
181200Panfilii Laurentiu1 - 0Gavriliuc Razvan12006
271200Slobozeanu Bucur+ - -Grecu Teodora12075
311200Belocosov Suzana- - +Ghelbet Marius12004
421200Andries Victor1 - 0Folica Matei12003
Round 5
131200Folica Matei0 - 1Panfilii Laurentiu12008
241200Ghelbet Marius0 - 1Andries Victor12002
351207Grecu Teodora- - -Belocosov Suzana12001
461200Gavriliuc Razvan1 - 0Slobozeanu Bucur12007
Round 6
181200Panfilii Laurentiu1 - 0Slobozeanu Bucur12007
211200Belocosov Suzana- - +Gavriliuc Razvan12006
321200Andries Victor+ - -Grecu Teodora12075
431200Folica Matei0 - 1Ghelbet Marius12004
Round 7
141200Ghelbet MariusPanfilii Laurentiu12008
251207Grecu TeodoraFolica Matei12003
361200Gavriliuc RazvanAndries Victor12002
471200Slobozeanu BucurBelocosov Suzana12001