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Sub-08 Absoluto del Valle 2023

Last update 18.03.2023 23:08:35, Creator/Last Upload: FECODAZ

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Starting rank

1Alape Gonzalez, Maria Camila144406118VAL1319Cali
2Alvarez Ramos, Ary144406029VAL1278Jamundi
3Sierra, Milan Santiago144406100VAL1229Yumbo
4Bojaca Mueses, SantiagoCOL0cali
5Gallego Ramirez, SalomeCOL0Cali
6Lopez, Odasil AleandroCOL0Yumbo
7Lozano Vargas, MateoCOL0Palmira
8Palacios Cortez, Angel MartinCOL0Cali
9Peña Ramirez, Miguel AngelCOL0Cali
10Urbano Bustos, DylanCOL0Restrepo
11Molina Vivas, JoshuaCOL0Cali