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Forcing Moves First Winter 3 - UNDER 1900 Section MARCH

Last update 20.03.2023 03:19:55, Creator/Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 21)

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Starting rank

1RUCHINSKAYA, Valerie2631440CAN1899On (Woodbridge)
2BOTELLO, Daniel2649128CAN1830On (Toronto)
3DESHPANDE, Sarthak25963694CAN1787On (Waterloo)
4QIAN, Ashley2636280CAN1775On (Newmarket)
5ZHONG, April Yunwei2635658CAN1734On (North York)
6DEEPAK, Laksshana25980548CAN1712On (Mississauga)
7AMBILWADE, Ojal25685813CAN1579On (Mississuaga)
8NGUYEN, Thuan2639807CAN1558On (Scarborough)
9UYANIK, Mehmet6363164TUR1350On (Mississauga)