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Int.Chess Holiday 2007 H21

Last update 27.07.2007 20:13:02, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

1Doktor PavelCZE1871Šo Stavby Mostu Praha
2Svitak DavidCZE1786Sk Oaza Praha
3Bosbach ManfredGER1773Bergische Schachfreunde 1
4Lobbes FrankGER1746Bergische Schachfreunde 1
5Bueckers BernhardGER1729Metelen
6Sedlackova JankaCZE1667Šk Praha-Smíchov
7Farel EdgardGER1585Schachgemeinschaft Enger-
8Peisar OndrejCZE1540Sokol Praha-Kobylisy
9Vysmek LadislavCZE1457Tj Bohemians Praha
10Opedal Jan-PeterNOR1420Melhus