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Philippine National Chess Championship Grand Finals

Last update 06.02.2023 11:53:22, Creator/Last Upload: byrongvillar

Starting rank list of players

4GMGomez, John Paul5201381PHI2474
10GMLaylo, Darwin5201330PHI2433
3IMBersamina, Paulo5206995PHI2427
8GMAntonio, Rogelio Jr5200032PHI2409
9IMGarcia, Jan Emmanuel5200750PHI2409
5IMQuizon, Daniel5217911PHI2397
7IMConcio, Michael Jr.5217873PHI2380
6NMBacojo, Mark Jay5220394PHI2266
1WGMFrayna, Janelle Mae5212499PHI2234
2WIMSan Diego, Marie Antoinette5205204PHI2157