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First Saturday Schev. November 2022

Last update 17.11.2022 18:08:14, Creator/Last Upload: Brindza Istvan IA

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Team-Composition with round-results

  1. A Team Higher Elo (RtgAvg:2054, TB1: 17 / TB2: 13)
1IMSzalanczi Emil1998HUN700347½½10½½011591883955,88-0,8810-8,8
2IMFarago Sandor2104HUN7011901½½½1½½116,59188396,57,02-0,5210-5,2
3IMKahn Evarth Dr.2059HUN703257½010½11½15,59188395,56,60-1,1010-11
  2. B Team Lower Elo (RtgAvg:1883, TB1: 10 / TB2: 5)
1Ge William1885USA30998158½1½1½½1½05,59205495,52,522,9840119,2
2Monduk Ferenc1861HUN7613380½0½½0½00292054922,28-0,2820-5,6
3Poor Sandor1904HUN703460½½010½0002,59205492,52,70-0,2020-4
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