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England Squad qualifier. 3 points required to obtain a half norm. A best girl trophy is awarded in each age section. Tie-break (Sum of progressive scores) for trophies only, prize money shared. Results count towards the ECF Youth Grand Prix,ECF standard rated.

South of England Junior Congress Under 11

Last update 04.10.2022 15:02:22, Creator/Last Upload: South of England Junior Chess Congress

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Starting rank

1Verbytski Oleg3282861695Charlton
2Zhao George3229121675Barnet Knights
3Vaidyanathan Adithya3213991644Warwickshire Juniors
4Rida Ruqayyah3300861565wEssex Juniors
5Han Qixiang3285381469Kent Juniors
6Zhang Junyi3273221397Kent Juniors
7Kendall Arthur3405041391Richmond Juniors
8Konara Seha3198921318wCrowborough
9Hazell Peter3284791283Wallace Chess
10De Silva Dylan3302791245Crowthorne
11Tomy Judith3121541223wWatford
12Gupta Aditya3231761211Sussex Juniors
13Burnside Aidan3306531198Sussex Juniors
14Merchant Samuel3213791194Sussex Juniors
15Singh Avyanna3201951191wSussex Juniors
16Horwood Alexander3302831169Harrow
17Shah Samuel3416821143Sussex Juniors
18Seto Zachary3461511136Winchester
19Balsari Emre3434091130Kent Juniors
20Hill Callum3404651098London Nw *
21Czarnuch Dominic341535976Barnet Knights
22Anderson Garet328859932Yateley Manor School
23Anderson Ryan328862782Yateley Manor School
24Butler Samuel345504686Hampshire *
25Carpenter Emily3473560wKings school Rochester
26Ng Alex00Yateley Manor
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