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4th ESNA Individual Championship 2022

Last update 01.10.2022 19:03:18, Creator: Liechtensteiner Schachverband,Last Upload: Fédération luxembourgeoise des Échecs


Round 1 on 2022/09/25 at 15:00
112300IMBerend Fred0 - 1Mizzi Jack186310
222504GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance1 - 0Frick Renato18759
331986Carpenter Paul A.0 - 1Apol Luitjen Akselsson21138
442360GMEfimov Igor1 - 0FMVolpinari Danilo19297
552011CMKirby Peter J.0 - 1FMMichaelides Konstantinos23046
Round 2 on 2022/09/26 at 10:00
1101863Mizzi Jack1 - 0FMMichaelides Konstantinos23046
271929FMVolpinari Danilo0 - 1CMKirby Peter J.20115
382113Apol Luitjen Akselsson1 - 0GMEfimov Igor23604
491875Frick Renato1 - 0Carpenter Paul A.19863
512300IMBerend Fred½ - ½GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance25042
Round 3 on 2022/09/26 at 17:00
122504GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance1 - 0Mizzi Jack186310
231986Carpenter Paul A.0 - 1IMBerend Fred23001
342360GMEfimov Igor1 - 0Frick Renato18759
452011CMKirby Peter J.0 - 1Apol Luitjen Akselsson21138
562304FMMichaelides Konstantinos1 - 0FMVolpinari Danilo19297
Round 4 on 2022/09/27 at 15:00
1101863Mizzi Jack1 - 0FMVolpinari Danilo19297
282113Apol Luitjen Akselsson1 - 0FMMichaelides Konstantinos23046
391875Frick Renato0 - 1CMKirby Peter J.20115
412300IMBerend Fred0 - 1GMEfimov Igor23604
522504GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance1 - 0Carpenter Paul A.19863
Round 5 on 2022/09/28 at 10:00
131986Carpenter Paul A.0 - 1Mizzi Jack186310
242360GMEfimov Igor½ - ½GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance25042
352011CMKirby Peter J.0 - 1IMBerend Fred23001
462304FMMichaelides Konstantinos1 - 0Frick Renato18759
571929FMVolpinari Danilo0 - 1Apol Luitjen Akselsson21138
Round 6 on 2022/09/28 at 17:00
1101863Mizzi Jack0 - 1Apol Luitjen Akselsson21138
291875Frick Renato½ - ½FMVolpinari Danilo19297
312300IMBerend Fred1 - 0FMMichaelides Konstantinos23046
422504GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance1 - 0CMKirby Peter J.20115
531986Carpenter Paul A.0 - 1GMEfimov Igor23604
Round 7 on 2022/09/29 at 15:00
142360GMEfimov Igor1 - 0Mizzi Jack186310
252011CMKirby Peter J.½ - ½Carpenter Paul A.19863
362304FMMichaelides Konstantinos0 - 1GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance25042
471929FMVolpinari Danilo½ - ½IMBerend Fred23001
582113Apol Luitjen Akselsson1 - 0Frick Renato18759
Round 8 on 2022/09/30 at 15:00
1101863Mizzi Jack1 - 0Frick Renato18759
212300IMBerend Fred1 - 0Apol Luitjen Akselsson21138
322504GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance1 - 0FMVolpinari Danilo19297
431986Carpenter Paul A.0 - 1FMMichaelides Konstantinos23046
542360GMEfimov Igor1 - 0CMKirby Peter J.20115
Round 9 on 2022/10/01 at 14:00
152011CMKirby Peter J.½ - ½Mizzi Jack186310
262304FMMichaelides Konstantinos0 - 1GMEfimov Igor23604
371929FMVolpinari Danilo0 - 1Carpenter Paul A.19863
482113Apol Luitjen Akselsson0 - 1GMHenderson de la Fuente Lance25042
591875Frick Renato0 - 1IMBerend Fred23001