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First Saturday GM August 2022

Last update 17.08.2022 16:52:23, Creator/Last Upload: Sahovski Savez Vojvodine

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team TPE

1IMSong RaymondTPE246511½½1½½½16,52GM

Player details

IM Song Raymond 2465 TPE Rp:2551 Pts. 6,5
110FMEgresi Mate2362HUN3,5w 1GM
22IMSetyaki Azarya Jodi2404INA7,5w 1GM
33GMAveskulov Valeriy2534UKR4,5s ½GM
44IMNemeth Miklos2462HUN5w ½GM
55AGMWu Derek2281USA2s 1GM
66GMBerczes David2426HUN6w ½GM
77FMNguyen Alex Dac-Vuong2311GER4,5s ½GM
88GMAczel Gergely2497HUN5w ½GM
99FMBodi Tibor2324HUN0,5- 1KGM