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Campeonato Catarinense Absoluto – Final Fechada FINAL - Piratuba/SC

Last update 12.02.2012 21:02:37, Creator/Last Upload: clube carazinhense de xadrez

Player info

NameReichert Thiago Da Cruz
Starting rank13
Rating national1887
Rating international2029
Performance rating2293
FIDE rtg +/-50,4
Club/CityA.C.X. Fraiburgo
Year of birth 1988


133FMDos Santos Junior Haroldo Cunha22532225BRAC.X. Joinville4,0w 10,220,783023,40
2518Demertine Matheus Leandro Bonato01867BRALages X.C.3,5s 0
341FMBueno Alfeu Junior Varela23052283BRALages X.C.5,0w 00,17-0,1730-5,10
4919Santos Junior Jose Luiz Dos01845BRASem Clube1,5s 1
5714Pereira Geanfrancesco20222009BRAC.X. Itajaí2,5w 10,510,493014,70
645Barreto Felipe Kubiaki Menna22382208BRAC.X. Itajaí4,5s 10,230,773023,10
732FMDelgado Lidio Dias22852182BRASem Clube4,5w 00,19-0,1930-5,70