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Campeonato Catarinense Absoluto – Final Fechada FINAL - Piratuba/SC

Last update 12.02.2012 21:02:37, Creator/Last Upload: clube carazinhense de xadrez

Player info

NameFlorianovitz Derlei Alex
Starting rank11
Rating national1987
Rating international2128
Performance rating1259
FIDE rtg +/--52,2
Club/CityC.X. Chapecó
Year of birth 1988


111FMBueno Alfeu Junior Varela23052283BRALages X.C.5,0w 00,27-0,2730-8,10
2716Barreiros da Silva Denison Klein18501954BRAC. Concordiense X.4,0s 00,83-0,8330-24,90
3920Maia Jonathan Cesar00BRAC.X. Navegantes2,0w 1
4714Pereira Geanfrancesco20222009BRAC.X. Itajaí2,5s 00,64-0,6430-19,20
5917Juliano Joao Carlos Mazzini01983BRAACX - Criciúma1,5w 1
6618Demertine Matheus Leandro Bonato01867BRALages X.C.3,5s 0
7819Santos Junior Jose Luiz Dos01845BRASem Clube1,5s 1