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Skákþing Goðans 2012

Last update 10.03.2012 01:27:20, Creator/Last Upload: icelandic chess federation

Starting rank

1Halldorsson Hjorleifur2303647ISL1819
2Sigurdsson Jakob Saevar2303850ISL1694
3Isleifsson Runar2305917ISL1686
4Sigurdsson Smari2304210ISL1664
5Akason Aevar2307090ISL1508
6Olgeirsson Armann2303957ISL1405
7Adalsteinsson Hermann2300591ISL1343
8Karlsson Sighvatur2307936ISL1341
9Johannsson Thor BenediktISL1340
10Hallgrimsson Snorri2308908ISL1319
11Asmundsson Sigurbjorn2305437ISL1210
12Vidarsson Hlynur Snaer2308924ISL1055
13Stefansson Sigurgeir2310449ISL0