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38th St Albans Congress - Open

Last update 26.04.2022 01:36:59, Creator/Last Upload: hsca

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Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11Han YichenNED2396Magdalen College School4,5
210Pein JonathanENG21864NCL Celtic Tigers4
12Ismail Mohammed AayanENG2144Kent Juniors4
44Roe Simon JENG2270St Albans3,5
56Shaw Dashiell Ls65ENG2257Hackney3
8Smith Andrew PIRL2223Bourne End3
22O'Donnell MatthewSCO1943FourCorner Club3
85Bradbury Neil HENG2260Welwyn Garden City2,5
7Gurevich ArtemCAN2238Muswell Hill2,5
11Waller DanENG2166Cambridge City2,5
112Large Peter Gs65ENG2370Epsom2
13Underwood Jonathan WrENG2114Seaton2
14Norinkeviciute RasaLTU2090Eastbourne2
17Clarke ConnorENG20644NCL White Rose2
18Purdon ColinENG2055Crowthorne2
19Bowmer Kevins65ENG2029Loughton2
1716Cox TobyENG2070Bedford1,5
20Bourne Johnathan DENG19901,5
193Merriman JohnENG2339Petts Wood1
9Richmond JaneWLS22001
15Merriman JamesENG2074Petts Wood1
21Lim MarkENG1956St John's1

Tie Break1: points (game-points)