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61st Greek Individual Championship 2011

Last update 07.12.2011 14:31:04, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation (licence 1)

Starting rank list of players

9GMNikolaidis Ioannis4202139GRE25542530AO "Kydon" Chania
10GMMastrovasilis Athanasios4201990GRE25302530Florina Cultural Club
3GMKapnisis Spyridon4203445GRE25102505EOAO "Fysiolatris" Nikaias
8IMMoutousis Konstantinos4200071GRE24382385A.E.K.
11IMPavlidis Antonios4212312GRE24142390Kavala Chess Club
6IMKourkounakis Ilias4200080GRE23812345MPS Neon Lerou "Artemis"
7Galopoulos Nikolaos4208951GRE23792285Thessaloniki CA "Galaxias"
1FMPavlidis Anastasios4208404GRE23522285AO "Kydon" Chania
2FMAggelis Nikolaos4213220GRE23102220Kallithea Chess Club
4Nikolaou Georgios4203801GRE22332175Panathlitikos S.F. Sykeon
5Naoum Spyridon4227506GRE21312025Chania Chess Academy