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Active-Chess de l'Echecs-Club Bois-Gentil 2011

Last update 13.11.2011 12:34:07, Creator/Last Upload: fédération genevoise des echecs

Starting rank list of players

6GINGUENÉ IgorSUI2201Genève Amateurs
4LEIB-IONESCU AgripaSUI2129Genève Cavaliers Fous C.E.C.F.
1KUPALOV IgorSUI2059Genève Bois-Gentil
7FRANCEY RodolpheSUI1929Genève Bois-Gentil
8MAKAWITAGE HiruSUI1913Genève Club
2CAORLIN MarcoSUI1862Genève Bois-Gentil
3CATSIAPIS YiannisSUI1774Genève Club
5VIVIANI MarioSUI1724Genève Bois-Gentil