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Rockadens Öppna Onsdagskamp hösten 2011

Last update 07.12.2011 21:17:35, Creator: demo-version (60 spieler/4 runden),Last Upload: schackklubben rockaden

Starting rank

1FMWesterberg JonathanSWE2391Vallentuna
2Bryntze StefanSWE2273SK Rockaden
3Rubinstein RikardSWE2021Pjäsen
4Cleanthous DemetrisSWE1920Wasa
5Andersson JoakimSWE1787SK Rockaden
6Carlsson TomSWE1746SK Rockaden
7Einarsson HansSWE1472SK Rockaden
8Arrenius JohanSWE1450SK Rockaden
9Geijer ErikSWE1446SK Rockaden
10Bagge KentSWE1400SK Rockaden
11Tuomainen FelixSWE1380SK Rockaden
12Ljungdahl FredrikSWE1365SK Rockaden
13Rabaza Jimenez RamirSWE1348SK Rockaden
14Wolf-Watz BjörnSWE1292SK Rockaden
15Karlsson BennySWE1287SK Rockaden
16Franck PeterSWE1131SK Rockaden
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