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19th Open Int. di scacchi Spilimbergo 2021 Open Master (over2000)

Last update 15.08.2021 14:07:33, Creator/Last Upload: Gerhard Bertagnolli

Player overview for CRO

1GMBosiocic Marin2610CRO1½1100½116152487Master (over2000)

Results of the last round for CRO

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMBosiocic Marin26105 1 - 0 IMRakotomaharo Fy Antenaina2444

Player details for CRO

GM Bosiocic Marin 2610 CRO Rp:2487 Pts. 6
161FMRatsma Midas2215NED4,5w 1
230GMCzebe Attila2378HUN5,5s ½
350FMKarsay Pascal2265GER4,5w 1
418IMMarkoja Boris2447SLO6,5s 1
510IMSonis Francesco2508ITA6,5w 0
613GMBellahcene Bilel2502ALG6,5w 0
749FMGedajlovic Max2270CAN5,5s ½
856Orfini Nicolo`2229ITA5s 1
919IMRakotomaharo Fy Antenaina2444MAD5,5w 1
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