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2021 African Individual Chess Championships - Open Section

Last update 27.05.2021 16:24:54, Creator/Last Upload: Zambia Chess-Federation

Player overview for ANG

13IMSilva David2296ANG1011½½101692342Open Section

Results of the last round for ANG

Rd.Bo.No. NameBdldFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameBdldFEDRtg No.
IMMwali ChitumboZAM22855 0 - 15 IMSilva DavidANG2296

Player details for ANG

IM Silva David 2296 ANG Rp:2342 Pts. 6
142Mwagomba Fishan1946MAW3s 1
227Okeke Issac2097NGR5w 0
336CMAbrantes Persson2018MOZ4,5s 1
429Apemiye Austin2076NGR4w 1
520FMOragwu Chukwunonso2241NGR5s ½
618FMOsunfuyi Abimbola2246NGR5w ½
76IMWageih Kareim2425EGY5,5s 1
82GMAdly Ahmed2615EGY8w 0
914IMMwali Chitumbo2285ZAM5s 1