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2011 Asian Dragons U-16

Last update 12.08.2011 12:19:15, Creator/Last Upload: elsa yueh

Starting rank

1Wong Enoch Yat -LongHKG1745
2Tseng Woei HawTPE1684
3Wang MiTPE1558
4Lee Qing AunSGP1557
5Ho Men-WeiTPE1552
6Bae JisooKOR1508
7Hatibie Taufan Ariq HHKG0
8Ku JayunKOR0
9Lee Hsuan-TingTPE0
10Lu Yu-AnTPE0
11Nagase MasayukiJPN0
12Nagase ToshihiroJPN0
13Song HoseongKOR0
14Wang JonathanTPE0