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2011 Asian Dragons Open Tournament

Last update 12.08.2011 12:10:06, Creator/Last Upload: elsa yueh

Starting rank

1Yang HainanCHN2138
2Lo BillyHKG2068
3Wiwatanadate PoompongTHA1992
4Li HuiMAC1957
5 Taweesupmun ChanidaTHA1855
6Jang KyungsikKOR1804
7Liu Yeh YangTPE1804
8Shiau Suen-WenTPE1777
9Celis JoelMAC1775
10Baek WongiKOR1723
11Low, Zhen Yu CyrusSGP1718
12Yang Ching-Wei , AustinTPE1706
13Lin Chung Yu , LeeTPE1693
14Chang Shih-HsiungTPE0
15Lee Tung-JungTPE0
16Levine SethHKG0