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Liepajas Rokade 2011 OPEN

Last update 06.08.2011 14:10:17, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMMiezis Normunds2564LAT 97b1 70w1 18b1 3w1 9b1 2w1 10b½ 6w1 31b1 11w½ 14b110,066,080,00,0
2Klimakovs Sergejs2288LAT 91w1 59b1 53w1 12b1 4w1 1b0 9b1 10w½ 3b½ 7w1 11b19,067,082,00,0
3Meškovs Ņikita2408LAT 68w1 23b1 32w1 1b0 25w1 20b1 7w½ 33b1 2w½ 9b½ 12w18,566,082,00,0
4IMBerzins Rolands2499LAT102b1 27w1 22b1 6w½ 2b0 30w1 31b0 26w1 20b1 15w1 9b18,564,578,50,0
5FMKrustkalns Kristaps2232LAT111w1 64b1 13w0 43b1 23w1 12b1 11w½ 7b½ 15b½ 17w1 10b18,564,577,00,0
6IMAntoms Guntars2387LAT 67w1 39b1 24w1 4b½ 8w1 13b½ 32w1 1b0 19w0 25b1 21w18,065,081,00,0
7Bernotas Arturs2313LAT 56b1 45w1 35b1 9w0 36b1 44w1 3b½ 5w½ 24b1 2b0 19w18,063,578,00,0
8Tokranovs Dmitrijs2083LAT103b1 14w½ 30b1 34w1 6b0 29w½ 19w0 85b1 82w1 32b1 24w18,059,072,00,0
9Putka Verner2451LAT 58w1 48b1 21w1 7b1 1w0 22b1 2w0 32b1 10b1 3w½ 4w07,568,084,00,0
10IMSamolins Vitalijs2470LAT100w1 49b1 33w1 31b1 13w½ 14b1 1w½ 2b½ 9w0 22b1 5w07,566,081,00,0
11Mustaps Matiss2406LAT117b1 81w1 34b½ 44w1 14b½ 16w1 5b½ 15w½ 18b1 1b½ 2w07,564,578,50,0
12FMKantāns Toms2452LAT 66b1 83w1 20b1 2w0 35b1 5w0 34b1 21w½ 16b1 31w1 3b07,564,078,00,0
13FMLavendelis Egons2411LAT 86b1 37w1 5b1 16w1 10b½ 6w½ 15b½ 31w0 21b½ 35w½ 34b17,563,577,00,0
14GMLugovoi Aleksei2531RUS 72w1 8b½ 62w1 54b1 11w½ 10w0 35b1 22b½ 33w1 19b1 1w07,562,077,50,0
15Pakula Aleksejs2280LAT 92w1 74b1 44w0 81b1 53w1 21b1 13w½ 11b½ 5w½ 4b0 38w17,560,073,00,0
16Suhanovskis Sergejs2165LAT 80w1 98b1 17w1 13b0 41w1 11b0 39w½ 48b1 12w0 71b1 31b17,558,571,00,0
17WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2336LAT 76b1 46w1 16b0 45w0 84b1 50w1 29b1 20w½ 34b1 5b0 35w17,557,571,00,0
18Smilga Kristaps2269LAT 87w1 47b1 1w0 74b1 70w1 32b0 23w1 81b1 11w0 38b½ 36w17,556,571,00,0
19Daudzvardis Janis2270LAT104b1 60w1 36b½ 28w½ 26b0 46w1 8b1 25w1 6b1 14w0 7b07,063,076,00,0
20FMGrasis Janis2262LAT 51w1 71b1 12w0 64b1 48w1 3w0 27b1 17b½ 4w0 37w1 26b½7,062,075,50,0
21Berzinsh Ivars2222LAT121b1 55w1 9b0 60w1 45b1 15w0 83b1 12b½ 13w½ 29w1 6b07,059,571,50,0
22Kalnins Kristaps2266LAT 99b1 89w1 4w0 71b1 27b1 9w0 70b1 14w½ 36b1 10w0 28b½7,058,572,00,0
23Paulaiskaite Gintare2048LTU 96b1 3w0 66b1114w1 5b0 65w1 18b0 55w1 25b0 52w1 61w17,058,070,50,0
24Gutmans Mihails2148LAT 93b1 52w1 6b0 85w1 44b0 45w1 37b1 82b1 7w0 39w1 8b07,057,070,00,0
25Mierins Eriks2146LAT 94b1 61w1 31b0 55w1 3b0 89w1 44b1 19b0 23w1 6w0 56b17,057,070,00,0
26Kopirins Artjoms2083LAT127w1 44b0115w1 77b1 19w1 82b½ 33w0 4b0 40w1 42b1 20w½7,055,568,00,0
27Krastins Juris2074LAT137w1 4b0100w1 58b1 22w0 73b1 20w0 61b½106w1 33b½ 51w17,053,064,50,0
28Marutkins Olegs2131LAT141w1 77b1 82w½ 19b½ 31w0 81b0 51w1 47w1 37b½ 73b1 22w½7,053,063,50,0
29Dagis Karlis2106LAT 90w½ 75b1105w½ 73b1 82w½ 8b½ 17w0 50b1 81w1 21b0 55w17,052,565,00,0
30Pavļučenko Aleksejs2148LAT143w1 62b½ 8w0 76b1 47w1 4b0 81w0 86b1 52w½ 57b1 45w17,052,562,50,0
31Makovskis Georgijs2323LAT 65w1 40b1 25w1 10w0 28b1 33b½ 4w1 13b1 1w0 12b0 16w06,565,582,00,0
32Priednieks Eriks2168LAT107b1 69w1 3b0 89w1 52b1 18w1 6b0 9w0 53b1 8w0 41b½6,560,573,50,0
33Stepins Edgars2241LAT 78b1 85w1 10b0 50w1 37b1 31w½ 26b1 3w0 14b0 27w½ 39b½6,560,073,50,0
34Klochan Jevgeny2181LAT101w1 95b1 11w½ 8b0 63w1 40b1 12w0 49b1 17w0 46b1 13w06,559,572,50,0
35Daskevics Vitalijs2139LAT108w1 73b1 7w0 98b1 12w0 41b1 14w0 72w1 83b1 13b½ 17b06,557,570,00,0
36Kovalskis Mihails2123LAT126w1115b1 19w½ 82b½ 7w0 64b½ 71w1 46b1 22w0 72w1 18b06,554,566,50,0
37Lacis Edgars2038LAT125w1 13b0 68w1105b1 33w0 87b1 24w0 75b1 28w½ 20b0 73w16,554,065,50,0
38Ungurs Kazimirs2126LAT105b0141w1 61b-108b1115w1 59b½ 57w1 39b½ 41w1 18w½ 15b06,553,564,50,0
39Saksis Ivo2043LAT110b1 6w0 86b0131w1102b1 94w1 16b½ 38w½ 54w1 24b0 33w½6,553,064,50,0
40Lielmezs Girts2033LAT 88b1 31w0 76b½ 92w1 57b1 34w0 52b½ 84w1 26b0 70w½ 72b16,551,563,50,0
41Rozlapa Vija2034LAT114b0122w1117b1 56w1 16b0 35w0 66b1104w1 38b0 84w1 32w½6,550,061,50,0
42Veit Walter1750GER 73w0 80b½ 75w1 47b0 91w1 74b0108w1 77b1 43w1 26w0 71b16,550,061,50,0
43Bannikovs Ivans1961LAT 44b0103w1131b1 5w0107b½ 93w1 46b0 99w1 42b0 91w1 70b16,548,560,50,0
44Dabkus Roman1761BLR 43w1 26w1 15b1 11b0 24w1 7b0 25w0 63b½ 73w0 62b½ 95w16,060,073,00,0
45Istlajevs Vladimirs1981LAT129w1 7b0 87w1 17b1 21w0 24b0 58w1 54b0 68w1 82b+ 30b06,057,068,50,0
46Lācis Aleksandrs2023LAT109w1 17b0 91w½ 51b1 54w1 19b0 43w1 36w0 76b1 34w0 66b½6,055,067,00,0
47Straksis Harijs1981LAT 84b1 18w0 78b½ 42w1 30b0 56w1 54w½ 28b0 67w½ 58b½ 94w16,055,067,00,0
48Zalitis Arturs-Aleksis2069LAT145b1 9w0102b1 86w1 20b0 52w½ 62b1 16w0 72b0 97w1 69b½6,053,065,00,0
49Kolesnikovs Ivans2074LAT112b1 10w0 97b1 52w0 72b½ 76w1 64b1 34w0 56b½ 66w½ 60b½6,052,564,50,0
50Kurbanova Dinara1971LAT124w½ 90b½111w1 33b0 58w1 17b0 68w1 29w0 91b½ 76w1 65b½6,052,063,50,0
51Batasevs Arsens1862LAT 20b0128w1 57b½ 46w0116b1 69w1 28b0 62w1 70b½ 83w1 27b06,052,062,50,0
52Stabulnieks Klavs1949LAT138w1 24b0132w1 49b1 32w0 48b½ 40w½ 70w½ 30b½ 23b0 81w16,052,061,50,0
53Shkonda Nikolajs2103LAT122b1114w1 2b0 69w1 15b0 85w1 82w0 60b1 32w0 55b0100w16,051,564,50,0
54Isakovs Janis2132LAT131b1105w½ 63b1 14w0 46b0 88w1 47b½ 45w1 39b0 60w½ 64b½6,051,562,50,0
55Grants Romualds1953LAT139w1 21b0109w1 25b0 90w1 70b0105w1 23b0 87w1 53w1 29b06,051,561,50,0
56Stepovojs Viktors1898LAT 7w0106b1 59w1 41b0 71w½ 47b0130w1 74b1 49w½ 81b1 25w06,051,062,50,0
57Shirokovs Jevgenijs1980LAT135w1 82b0 51w½ 78b1 40w0 92w1 38b0 93b1 61w½ 30w0 84b16,051,061,50,0
58Imanovs Elhans1909LAT 9b0 96w1 83b1 27w0 50b0114w1 45b0 88w1 63b½ 47w½ 89b16,050,562,00,0
59Kance Edmunds2030LAT119b1 2w0 56b0103w1 86b1 38w½ 72b0 76w0 79b½ 78w1 96b16,050,063,00,0
60Meiers Gundars1962LAT130w1 19b0101w1 21b0 87w0121b1 67w1 53w0104b1 54b½ 49w½6,050,060,50,0
61Turko Antons1944LAT116w1 25b0 38w+ 70w0119b1 83w0 88b1 27w½ 57b½ 85w1 23b06,050,060,50,0
62Vejkajis Ojars1953LAT144b1 30w½ 14b0 84w0 78w1106b1 48w0 51b0107b1 44w½ 82b16,050,058,50,0
63Norkus Maris2032LAT 75w½124b1 54w0 91b1 34b0 72w0107b1 44w½ 58w½ 67b½ 87w16,049,560,00,0
64Vernuks Vjačeslavs1963LAT120b1 5w0 94b1 20w0121b1 36w½ 49w0106b0101w1 77b1 54w½6,049,061,50,0
65Zvans Maris1899LAT 31b0119w1 81b-118b1 74w1 23b0 95w½ 71b0 93w1106b1 50w½6,048,059,00,0
66Petrovs Aleksandrs1919LAT 12w0137b1 23w0126b1 81w0123b1 41w0105b1 75w1 49b½ 46w½6,048,058,50,0
67Jaickis Vladislavs1901LAT 6b0 88w0110b1120w1 83b0119w1 60b0114w1 47b½ 63w½ 85b16,045,557,50,0
68Letko Edvins1903LAT 3b0110w1 37b0119w0120b1128w1 50b0 96w1 45b0116w1 83b16,044,056,00,0
69Rutins Janis1951LAT142w1 32b0129w1 53b0106w½ 51b0 75w0141b1118w1111b1 48w½6,043,552,00,0
70Melderis Uldis2077LAT123w1 1b0 72w1 61b1 18b0 55w1 22w0 52b½ 51w½ 40b½ 43w05,556,570,50,0
71Kondratjevs Jurijs1972LAT146b+ 20w0 93b1 22w0 56b½107w1 36b0 65w1 78b1 16w0 42w05,555,067,00,0
72Beks Edmunds1928LAT 14b0112w1 70b0 96w1 49w½ 63b1 59w1 35b0 48w1 36b0 40w05,554,066,00,0
73Samats Imants1949LAT 42b1 35w0136b1 29w0114b1 27w0 99b½ 94w1 44b1 28w0 37b05,553,063,00,0
74Petrovskis Olegs2003LAT133b1 15w0 99b1 18w0 65b0 42w1 86b½ 56w0 92b½104w1 79b½5,552,063,00,0
75Burkevica Ilze1834LAT 63b½ 29w0 42b0 79w1 99b½117w1 69b1 37w0 66b0 92w1 97b½5,551,562,50,0
76Cinis Kaspars1899LAT 17w0125b1 40w½ 30w0122b1 49b0 90w1 59b1 46w0 50b0108w15,551,062,50,0
77Klimovs Vladimirs1946LAT136b1 28w0116b1 26w0 88b0112w1 94b½ 42w0 80b1 64w0107b15,547,057,00,0
78Pomahs Ziedonis1859LAT 33w0130b1 47w½ 57w0 62b0109b1117w1 95b1 71w0 59b0106w15,547,057,00,0
79Pomahs Martins1893LAT 82w0109b0124w½ 75b0143w1108b0127w1 90b1 59w½123b1 74w½5,542,550,00,0
80Antonivs Vladislavs1850LAT 16b0 42w½ 84b0122w0132w1130b0137w1129b1 77w0109b1111w15,540,050,50,0
81Simčaks Sergejs2034LAT106w1 11b0 65w+ 15w0 66b1 28w1 30b1 18w0 29b0 56w0 52b05,058,570,50,0
82Kovalevsky Arkady2288LAT 79b1 57w1 28b½ 36w½ 29b½ 26w½ 53b1 24w0 8b0 45w- 62w05,058,071,50,0
83Selivanovs Anatolijs2046LAT118w1 12b0 58w0141b1 67w1 61b1 21w0 87b1 35w0 51b0 68w05,052,063,00,0
84Grivnieks Alberts1813LAT 47w0 92b½ 80w1 62b1 17w0 95b½115w1 40b0 98w1 41b0 57w05,051,564,00,0
85Suharevskis Guntars1960LAT113w1 33b0 90w1 24b0105w1 53b0111w1 8w0103b1 61b0 67w05,050,062,50,0
86Kane Marta1903LAT 13w0126b1 39w1 48b0 59w0118b1 74w½ 30w0 94b½101b½ 93w½5,049,561,00,0
87Karcevs Ivans1874LAT 18b0120w1 45b0128w1 60b1 37w0 89b1 83w0 55b0102w1 63b05,049,060,00,0
88Kravcovs Ivans1838LAT 40w0 67b1 98w0100b1 77w1 54b0 61w0 58b0108w½105b1101w½5,048,559,50,0
89Semjonovs Stanislavs1961LAT132w1 22b0108w1 32b0111w1 25b0 87w0101b0112w1 99b1 58w05,048,058,00,0
90Jonuškis Gediminas1850LTU 29b½ 50w½ 85b0 97w1 55b0102w½ 76b0 79w0113b1128w1 91b½5,047,558,00,0
91Matisone Dana1895LAT 2b0133w1 46b½ 63w0 42b0122w1116b½128w1 50w½ 43b0 90w½5,047,059,50,0
92Petrovskis Viktors1888LAT 15b0 84w½113w1 40b0101w1 57b0106w0119b1 74w½ 75b0123w15,046,558,00,0
93Antonovskis Arturs1850LAT 24w0139b1 71w0132b1 95w½ 43b0102b1 57w0 65b0110w1 86b½5,046,556,50,0
94Driba Artis1850LAT 25w0142b1 64w0134b1 98w1 39b0 77w½ 73b0 86w½115b+ 47b05,046,555,50,0
95Hakels Eduards1960LAT128b1 34w0114b0112w1 93b½ 84w½ 65b½ 78w0 99b½121w1 44b05,045,555,50,0
96Vaivade Līva1850LAT 23w0 58b0138w1 72b0100w1115b0136w1 68b0117w1 98b1 59w05,045,555,00,0
97Kalnins Normunds1938LAT 1w0127b1 49w0 90b0109w1105b0110w1123b1111w½ 48b0 75w½5,044,558,50,0
98Papjans Arams1954LAT140b1 16w0 88b1 35w0 94b0103w1104b0112w1 84b0 96w0121b15,044,554,50,0
99Krauze Anda1872LAT 22w0135b1 74w0109b½ 75w½136b1 73w½ 43b0 95w½ 89w0116b15,044,554,50,0
100Silmalis Janis1924LAT 10b0145w1 27b0 88w0 96b0116w0139b1124w1120b1103w1 53b05,044,054,50,0
101Lindemans Aris1852LAT 34b0144w1 60b0116w½ 92b0110w½125b1 89w1 64b0 86w½ 88b½5,044,051,50,0
102Kurbanova Dagmara1925LAT 4w0123b1 48w0137b1 39w0 90b½ 93w0118b½125w1 87b0126w15,043,555,00,0
103Lefters Edgars1850LAT 8w0 43b0130w1 59b0129w1 98b0133w1115b1 85w0100b0117w15,043,555,00,0
104Bautris Aivars1884LAT 19w0129b0118w0135b1133w1138b1 98w1 41b0 60w0 74b0125w15,041,551,00,0
105Gruduls Imants1850LAT 38w1 54b½ 29b½ 37w0 85b0 97w1 55b0 66w0128b½ 88w0114b14,550,561,00,0
106Grivnieks Dzintars1839LAT 81b0 56w0107b1117w1 69b½ 62w0 92b1 64w1 27b0 65w0 78b04,550,061,00,0
107Zitars Klavs1851LAT 32w0113b1106w0124b1 43w½ 71b0 63w0109b1 62w0118b1 77w04,546,557,00,0
108El-Hazhe Zans-Pols1850LAT 35b0134w1 89b0 38w0110b½ 79w1 42b0120w½ 88b½129w1 76b04,546,055,50,0
109Ziedins Roberts1829LAT 46b0 79w1 55b0 99w½ 97b0 78w0131b1107w0122b1 80w0132b14,544,553,50,0
110Zarins Richards1850LAT 39w0 68b0 67w0139b1108w½101b½ 97b0113w½130w1 93b0133w14,543,052,50,0
111Pudžs Roberts1853LAT 5b0140w1 50b0136w1 89b0134w1 85b0116w1 97b½ 69w0 80b04,541,552,50,0
112Shirokovs Valerijs1850LAT 49w0 72b0139w1 95b0124w1 77b0138w1 98b0 89b0120w½129b14,540,549,00,0
113Kovalovs Igors1750LAT 85b0107w0 92b0127b1123w0126b0140w1110b½ 90w0137w1131b14,537,545,00,0
114Megnis Renars1840LAT 41w1 53b0 95w1 23b0 73w0 58b0121w1 67b0115w0124b1105w04,048,559,50,0
115Melihovs Stanislavs1939LAT134b1 36w0 26b0145w1 38b0 96w1 84b0103w0114b1 94w- -04,047,056,50,0
116Ozols Andris1550LAT 61b0 -1 77w0101b½ 51w0100b1 91w½111b0141w1 68b0 99w04,045,054,50,0
117Ernstsons Valdis1902LAT 11w0118b1 41w0106b0125w1 75b0 78b0132w1 96b0119w1103b04,044,054,50,0
118Vebers Karlis1850LAT 83b0117w0104b1 65w0131b1 86w0134b1102w½ 69b0107w0120b½4,042,051,00,0
119Vavere Martins1831LAT 59w0 65b0143w1 68b1 61w0 67b0141b½ 92w0131b½117b0138w14,042,050,00,0
120Litvjakova Darija1779LAT 64w0 87b0127w1 67b0 68w0137b½143w1108b½100w0112b½118w½4,042,049,50,0
121Vecbralis Janis1853LAT 21w0132b0125w1129b1 64w0 60w0114b0130b1133w1 95b0 98w04,040,550,50,0
122Karps Martins1850LAT 53w0 41b0135w½ 80b1 76w0 91b0129w0137b1109w0132b½140b14,039,548,50,0
123Podziņš Rihards1850LAT 70b0102w0128b0140w1113b1 66w0132b1 97w0138b1 79w0 92b04,039,548,00,0
124Vevers Elans1806LAT 50b½ 63w0 79b½107w0112b0141w0142b1100b0140w1114w0136b14,038,546,50,0
125Markins Iļja1844LAT 37b0 76w0121b0144w1117b0142b1101w0136w1102b0138w1104b04,036,043,50,0
126Vaisūns Martins1850LAT 36b0 86w0144b1 66w0136b0113w1128b0138w0139b1134w1102b04,035,042,50,0
127Korneluks Aleksejs1850LAT 26b0 97w0120b0113w0144b½135w1 79b0143b1129w0130b½128w14,034,542,50,0
128Katshens Edgars1750LAT 95w0 51b0123w1 87b0141w1 68b0126w1 91b0105w½ 90b0127b03,542,552,00,0
129Lejnieks Aivars1823LAT 45b0104w1 69b0121w0103b0131w½122b1 80w0127b1108b0112w03,542,051,50,0
130Rutina Rita1769LAT 60b0 78w0103b0143b½135w1 80w1 56b0121w0110b0127w½134b½3,540,548,00,0
131Fomenko Margarita1850LAT 54w0138b1 43w0 39b0118w0129b½109w0135b1119w½133b½113w03,540,049,00,0
132Fomenko Veronika1750LAT 89b0121w1 52b0 93w0 80b0145w+123w0117b0136b1122w½109w03,539,048,00,0
133Cigankovs Aleksandrs1823LAT 74w0 91b0141b0142w1104b0139w1103b0134w1121b0131w½110b03,536,043,50,0
134Savan Siarhei1400BLR115w0108b0 -1 94w0145b+111b0118w0133b0143w1126b0130w½3,533,540,00,0
135Lipsans Rolands1811LAT 57b0 99w0122b½104w0130b0127b0144w1131w0137b½142w½143b13,531,538,50,0
136Mierins Imants1650LAT 77w0143b1 73w0111b0126w1 99w0 96b0125b0132w0139b1124w03,038,045,00,0
137Skramans Janis1850LAT 27b0 66w0140b1102w0138b0120w½ 80b0122w0135w½113b0144b13,037,545,50,0
138Gnedass Mihails1650LAT 52b0131w0 96b0 -1137w1104w0112b0126b1123w0125b0119b03,037,045,50,0
139Pavlovs Nikita1750LAT 55b0 93w0112b0110w0140b1133b0100w0144b1126w0136w0142b13,034,041,00,0
140Mierins Guntars1750LAT 98w0111b0137w0123b0139w0 -1113b0142w1124b0143b1122w03,031,538,00,0
141Grantins Edvards1850LAT 28b0 38b0133w1 83w0128b0124b1119w½ 69w0116b0 -0 -02,540,050,50,0
142Timrots Ādolfs1750LAT 69b0 94w0145b0133b0 -1125w0124w0140b0144w1135b½139w02,531,538,50,0
143Bellers Vadims1850LAT 30b0136w0119b0130w½ 79b0144w1120b0127w0134b0140w0135w01,532,540,50,0
144Silkina Inese1750LAT 62w0101b0126w0125b0127w½143b0135b0139w0142b0 -1137w01,530,037,00,0
145Tretjakovs Artjoms1850LAT 48w0100b0142w1115b0134w-132b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,041,549,50,0
146Salenieks Eduards1810LAT 71w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,049,560,50,0

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)