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International Chess Holiday 2011 H21

Last update 29.07.2011 18:06:44, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

3Zak ZbynekCZE1889Sokol Pecky
9Parpel PetrCZE1818TJ Neratovice
10Sarson OndrejCZE1766Sachovy klub Lokomotiva Brno, o.s.
5Schenk Dieter Dr.GER1750Usv Potsdam E.V., Abt. Schach
7Radics RobertCZE1742TJ Praga Praha
1Sedlackova JankaCZE1699SK Praha-Smichov
4PlesnivĂ˝ MartinCZE1691SK OAZA Praha
6Gronde BenediktGER1681Sk Keres-Augsburg 1980
8Veselsky JanCZE1650SK Praha-Smichov
2Hager EberhardGER1634Sc Friedberg Im Gehörl. Sportv
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