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International Chess Holiday 2011 H11

Last update 22.07.2011 16:39:52, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

1Strakos TomasCZE1746TJ Praga Praha
3Brndiar PavelCZE1745Sachovy klub Viktoria Zizkov
4Ruzicka VaclavCZE1703SK Kladno
7Plesnivy MartinCZE1691SK OAZA Praha
6Krupicka JosefCZE1652SK Praha-Smichov
9Novy FilipCZE1628SK OAZA Praha
10Moews HaraldGER1608Schwerin
8Bartova SarkaCZE1593T.J. Sokol Sumperk
5Jelinek MichalCZE1576SK OAZA Praha
2Dobias DanielCZE1558Sk Oaza Praha
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