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CZECH OPEN 2011 "INFINITY OPEN" turnaj J - ratingovy turnaj

Last update 20.07.2011 13:13:03, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 63

Player info

NameNielsen Arne
Starting rank78
Rating national1550
Rating international0
Performance rating1794
Club/CityBornholms Skakklub
Year of birth 1943


13030Matejov Anton19560SVK3,5s ½
22348Novotny Ales17590CZESK Rapid Pardubice, o.s.3,0w ½
32840Portych Vaclav18380CZESk Lipa4,0s 0
43864Al-Khulaifi Ghada15850QAT4,0w 1
52845Steinhauserova Anna18080CZERemdih Strmilov3,5w 1
61728Kraus Ondrej19690CZESk Rapid Pardubice4,0s 0
72661Al-Khelaifi Aisha16440QAT3,5s ½
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