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Live Chess European League Season2 Division 1

Last update 14.12.2020 13:22:57, Creator/Last Upload: M_Tudorache

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Team-Pairings of all rounds

Round 1 on 2020/07/05 at 24:00
1  Team Russia  Team of the Czech Republic5:0
2  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Team Slovakia0:5
3  Srbija Tim  Team Kazakhstan5:0
4  Team Galicia  Romania Chess Federation4:1
5  Team France  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)5:0
Round 2 on 2020/07/26 at 24:00
1  Team of the Czech Republic  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)5:0
2  Romania Chess Federation  Team France5:0
3  Team Kazakhstan  Team Galicia5:0
4  Team Slovakia  Srbija Tim0:5
5  Team Russia  Bosnia and Herzegovina5:0
Round 3 on 2020/08/16 at 24:00
1  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Team of the Czech Republic0:5
2  Srbija Tim  Team Russia0:5
3  Team Galicia  Team Slovakia5:0
4  Team France  Team Kazakhstan0:5
5  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)  Romania Chess Federation0:5
Round 4 on 2020/09/06 at 24:00
1  Team of the Czech Republic  Romania Chess Federation0:5
2  Team Kazakhstan  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)5:0
3  Team Slovakia  Team France5:0
4  Team Russia  Team Galicia5:0
5  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Srbija Tim0:5
Round 5 on 2020/09/27 at 24:00
1  Srbija Tim  Team of the Czech Republic5:0
2  Team Galicia  Bosnia and Herzegovina0:5
3  Team France  Team Russia0:5
4  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)  Team Slovakia0:5
5  Romania Chess Federation  Team Kazakhstan5:0
Round 6 on 2020/10/18 at 24:00
1  Team of the Czech Republic  Team Kazakhstan4:1
2  Team Slovakia  Romania Chess Federation0:5
3  Team Russia  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)5:0
4  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Team France5:0
5  Srbija Tim  Team Galicia5:0
Round 7 on 2020/11/08 at 24:00
1  Team Galicia  Team of the Czech Republic0:5
2  Team France  Srbija Tim0:5
3  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)  Bosnia and Herzegovina0:5
4  Romania Chess Federation  Team Russia0:5
5  Team Kazakhstan  Team Slovakia5:0
Round 8 on 2020/11/29 at 24:00
1  Team of the Czech Republic  Team Slovakia5:0
2  Team Russia  Team Kazakhstan5:0
3  Bosnia and Herzegovina  Romania Chess Federation0:5
4  Srbija Tim  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)5:0
5  Team Galicia  Team France2:3
Round 9 on 2020/12/13 at 24:00
1  Team France  Team of the Czech Republic1:4
2  Team Denmark (withdraw R4)  Team Galicia0:5
3  Romania Chess Federation  Srbija Tim0:5
4  Team Kazakhstan  Bosnia and Herzegovina5:0
5  Team Slovakia  Team Russia0:5