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Trofeul Techirghiol, U12

Last update 10.07.2011 11:56:15, Creator/Last Upload: romanian chess federation (licence 12)

Starting rank

1IIOros Vlad-DragosROU1578Css Tg Mures
2IPopa GabrielROU1556Cs Diana Galati
3IIBica Florentin-IulianROU1392Cs Victoria Techirghiol
4IIIDragulin AdrianROU1298Cs Victoria Techirghiol
5IIIBotocan Cristian-AlexandruROU1290Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
6IIIStroe GeorgeROU1238Acs Genius Galati
7IIIFeizula Nazli-LutfieROU1234Css Palatul Copiilor C-Ta
8Balaban AlexandruROU1201Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
9Chiric Mihai-FlorentinROU1201Cs Diana Galati
10Comsa RaduROU1201Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
11Ilie GeorgianaROU1201Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
12Ionita MariusROU1201Cs Fc Callatis Mangalia
13Mirza DianaIRL1201IRLANDA