Derik's Chess School Level 3 Chess Tournament-Open

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Tournament selectionGirls, Open
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Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Ashlesh M0IND 12b1 10w1 8b1 14w1 7b½4,50,0416,0
2Gagandeep Shetty0IND 30b1 8w0 17w1 13b1 11w14,00,0413,0
3Clevin D'souza0IND 5w0 33b1 21w1 20b1 14w14,00,0411,5
4Dhyan B Pai0IND 33w1 20b0 28w1 12b1 9w14,00,049,0
5Siddharth S Shetty0IND 3b1 26w1 24b1 7w½ 6b½4,00,0315,5
6Samarth Mallya0IND 34w+ 13b1 11w1 18b½ 5w½4,00,0314,5
7Achinthya Bhat0IND 32w1 29b1 9w1 5b½ 1w½4,00,0313,0
8Skanda K0IND 31w1 2b1 1w0 17b½ 18w13,50,0314,0
9Pruthvij Vijay Suvarna0IND 15w1 17b1 7b0 25w1 4b03,00,0315,5
10Shriyansh Sinha0IND 18w1 1b0 15w1 11b0 23w13,00,0314,5
11Advik R N0IND 23w1 22b1 6b0 10w1 2b03,00,0314,0
12Sharvil Shetty0IND 1w0 34b+ 26b1 4w0 25b13,00,0314,0
13Adithyan B0IND 16b1 6w0 29b1 2w0 22b13,00,0313,5
14Hardik G0IND 28w1 21b1 20w1 1b0 3b03,00,0313,5
15Akul Madhav0IND 9b0 16w1 10b0 30w1 20b13,00,0312,0
16P Vinyas Rao0IND 13w0 15b0 31w1 28b1 21w13,00,039,5
17Aarav Rajiv0IND 19b1 9w0 2b0 8w½ 29b12,50,0214,0
18Bhavesh Dhar0IND 10b0 30w1 27b1 6w½ 8b02,50,0213,0
19Laxman G Prabhu0IND 17w0 28b0 33w½ 31b1 32b12,50,025,0
20Satvik Ramesh0IND 25b1 4w1 14b0 3w0 15w02,00,0216,0
21Shaun Moraes0IND 24b1 14w0 3b0 29w1 16b02,00,0213,0
22Rajath A0IND 26b1 11w0 25b0 24w1 13w02,00,0212,0
23Partha Shetty0IND 11b0 24w0 34b+ 27w1 10b02,00,0211,0
24Avaneesh Shenoy0IND 21w0 23b1 5w0 22b0 28w12,00,0210,5
25Ashish Shane Mendes0IND 20w0 32b1 22w1 9b0 12w02,00,0210,0
26Aniketh Hebbar0IND 22w0 5b0 12w0 33b1 30w12,00,0210,0
27Vihaan Lobo0IND 29w0 31b1 18w0 23b0 33w12,00,026,0
28Tanmay Shetty0IND 14b0 19w1 4b0 16w0 24b01,00,0114,5
29Joshua lasrado0IND 27b1 7w0 13w0 21b0 17w01,00,0113,5
30Tanush P0IND 2w0 18b0 32w1 15b0 26b01,00,0112,0
31Dhruva A0IND 8b0 27w0 16b0 19w0 -11,00,0011,0
32Monish Ravuri0IND 7b0 25w0 30b0 -1 19w01,00,0010,0
33Swaraj S Tej0IND 4b0 3w0 19b½ 26w0 27b00,50,0014,5
34Anshul Bhat K0IND 6b- 12w- 23w- -0 -00,00,0010,0

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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