4th Shaastra FIDE Rated Rapid Chess Tournament 2020

Organizer(s)Shaastra IIT Madras
FederationIndia ( IND )
Chief ArbiterIA Rathinam Anantharam (25016148)
Deputy Chief ArbiterIA Ravikumar, R 5025273
ArbiterFA Bhaskar.v 5068746; FA Visalakshi, M 25036165; FA Nandakumar, Veeraraghavan 46684050; FA Srirenga, Nachiar R 25036173; FA Basker, P K 25631110; FA Subramaniam, N 45022054; FA Ramesh, Sankaran 25662155; FA Chopon, Babu .R.K 5086850; SNA Naveen, Karthikeyan 35017438; SNA Anusuya, S 25036181;
Time control20 m + 5 s/move
LocationIIT Madras
Rating calculationRating international
Date2020/02/22 to 2020/02/23
Pairing programSwiss-Manager from Heinz HerzogSwiss-Manager tournamentfile

Last update 23.02.2020 12:04:52, Creator/Last Upload: r ravikumar

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Final Ranking crosstable after 10 Rounds, Starting rank crosstable
Board PairingsRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9, Rd.10/10 , not paired
Ranking list afterRd.1, Rd.2, Rd.3, Rd.4, Rd.5, Rd.6, Rd.7, Rd.8, Rd.9, Rd.10
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Player info

NameSriram Suresh
Starting rank87
Rating national0
Rating international1439
Performance rating1485
FIDE rtg +/--4,2
Year of birth 2005


188311Richard Solomon M1010INDTN6,0s 1
275213AFMVakeesh S1157INDTN5,5w 0
373235Sricharan Chandrasekhar1129INDTN4,5s 1
455188Yogeshwaran S1198INDTN6,0w 1
551225Shashank V S1144INDTN6,0s 1
62025IMRamnathan Balasubramaniam2062INDTN7,0w 1
71216IMGirinath P.D.S.2275INDSCRly8,0s 0
82333FMManu David Suthandram R1890INDTN7,0w 0
954189Rakshith M1196INDTN7,0s 0
1066277Kavya N1068INDTN5,5w 1
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