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2011 Greek Indiv. Championships Open U16

Last update 01.07.2011 13:30:59, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation (licence 1)

Player info

NamePapasimakopoulos Alexandros
Starting rank18
Rating national1755
Rating international1854
Performance rating2196
FIDE rtg +/-99,0
Club/CityΓασ Χολαργου
Year of birth 1996


11841Paisios Evaggelos15311140Αο Κηφισιασ3,0w 1253,25
233Tzouganakis Panteleimon20861955Πσ Περιστεριου6,0s ½257,25
377Papadopoulos Panayotis19921960Σκακιστικη Ακαδημια Θεσ. "ο Γαλαξια4,5w 12517,25
449Tsakiris Haralambos19761840Σο Καβαλασ5,5s 12516,75
525Koutoukidis Panagiotis20491840Σο Ηλιουπολησ6,0w 12518,75
612Michelakos Panagiotis20981975Εοαο "ο Φυσιολατρησ" Νικαιασ7,0s ½257,50
718Megalios Konstantinos19911845Ενωση Σκακιστων Αμφισσασ6,0w 12517,00
8112Anagnostopoulos Konstantinos19541775Σο Καλλιθεασ6,5s ½253,50
921Kazakos Emmanouil21042045Αο "κυδων" Χανιων6,0w ½257,75