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40th National Team Championship 2020, Ahmedabad

Last update 13.02.2020 09:40:13, Creator/Last Upload: Virudhunagar District Chess Association

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Team pairings

Round 8 on 2020/02/12 at 10.00 AM
117Delhi A16½100:41421½Petroleum SPB1
23Airports Authority of India19112:21019½Railways SPB A2
36Railways SPB B19½10:1118½Telangana4
48Delhi B1792:21020Odisha A7
55Air India SPB168:½813½Odisha B18
69Gujarat A17½84:0815Gujarat D12
714Bihar A168½:815½Tamil Nadu A11
810LIC17½7:715Bihar C25
924Services SCB1371:3714½Bihar B13
1015Madhya Pradesh1574:0712½Gujarat C26
1122All Rajputana A1373:1714Maharashtra A16
1219All Rajputana C63:1613Maharashtra B21
1332All Rajputana B13½6½:612½Gujarat B20
1423Uttar Pradesh11½62:2513½Maharashtra C27
1529Andhra Pradesh A10½53:1511½Himachal Pradesh B35
1631Tamil Nadu B1152:2411½AI Reserve Bank SCC30
1728Himachal Pradesh A42:2310½Andhra Pradesh B33
1834Haryana B2:½00Jammu & Kashmir36