2nd Mazhan Rapid Cup - B Group

Last update 17.01.2020 17:54:31, Creator/Last Upload: na mr. amin abedi

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1Ahmadi Mehrdad425131111426IRIGroup B
2Ahmadi Roniya425957381054IRIGroup C
3Akbari Niayesh367025440IRIGroup C
4Akbarshahi Ahmadreza367025521109IRIGroup C
5Aligholiyan Faramarz125647291894IRIGroup A
6Amini Mahsa425069131113IRIGroup C
7Amini Parsa425621391039IRIGroup C
8Asgari Hosein425069301314IRIGroup B
9Azizkhani Nima125393761668IRIGroup A
10Daliri Pedram125764502005IRIGroup A
11Farmani Anuoshe Ariyan225013041910IRIGroup A
12Ghaemi Ali Reza125932651261IRIGroup B
13Ghasem Karimi Adib125249131923IRIGroup A
14Javani Shahin125526582101IRIGroup A
15Kakavand Ramtin327905971129IRIGroup C
16Kakavand Rashin367022001086IRIGroup C
17Khodabandelou Sarina327223381155IRIGroup C
18Laloueian Paniz425623331132IRIGroup C
19Mahdavi Hassan125801202121IRIGroup A
20Mahdavi Reza125959261981IRIGroup A
21Mohamadi Niyousha225464561505IRIGroup B
22Mohammadi Melika425292711581IRIGroup B
23Movasat Parham367306451172IRIGroup C
24Najafi Tabar Aydin225012901848IRIGroup A
25Noori Amin327223620IRIGroup C
26Noorisadeghloo Davood125388841879IRIGroup A
27Rahmani Melika425012101476IRIGroup B
28Rezaei Amirhossein225012401384IRIGroup B
29Safari Sina425293281256IRIGroup B
30Salehi Mahtina425624301060IRIGroup C
31Salimiyan Behzad327181361269IRIGroup B
32Taherkhani M Hosein327178221201IRIGroup B
33Yadegar Radin425199851639IRIGroup B
34Zeinali Alireza425131461487IRIGroup B