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Tartu MV 2019

Last update 29.12.2019 14:29:36, Creator/Last Upload: andres karba

Starting rank

1Pedmanson Herman4505786EST1949Tartu Kalev
2Pedmanson Albert4505778EST1935Tartu Kalev
3Tiisler Tanel4504887EST1802Tartu Kalev
4Parts Tiit4504755EST1732Tartumaa
5Tomson Mihkel4510593EST1665Tartu Kalev
6Tiisler Ander4504879EST1553Tartu Kalev
7Pogosov EduardRUS1536- - -
8Povvat Aalo4503856EST1465Tartu Kalev
9Pool Linda Maria4508882EST1414Tartu Kalev
10Lomp Jaan4504925EST1365- - -
11Ott Karl Eric4511085EST1350Tartu Kalev
12Karis Fredi4510763EST1342Tartu Kalev
13Oim Mikk Kaarel4514815EST1320Tartu Kalev
14Kurs Karl MarkusEST1274Tartu Kalev
15Vija Mattias4515234EST1195Tartu Kalev
16Allas Kaspar4511182EST1123Tartu Kalev
17Desjatnikov SvetoslavEST1098Tartu Kalev