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The final of the Cup of the Northwest Federal District chess - tournament "A"

Last update 17.12.2019 14:33:00, Creator/Last Upload: orlov vassilii

Starting rank list of players

4GMMeshkovs Nikita11602740LAT2558
7GMLintchevski Daniil4171055RUS2538
1GMMoiseenko Vadim4123700RUS2526
8IMTriapishko Alexandr14122286RUS2502
5IMGazik Viktor14928752SVK2498
10IMKazakouski Valery13507443LTU2485
3Nesterov Arseniy24198455RUS2482
6GMTeterev Vitaly13501429BLR2474
2IMKeinanen Toivo509825FIN2447
9IMGogolev Artem4116615RUS2339