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Round-Robin tournament with the norm of the international master - tournament B

Last update 17.12.2019 13:52:00, Creator/Last Upload: orlov vassilii

Starting rank list of players

10FMKhlebovich Alexander4169123RUS2438
6IMVlasenko Miroslav4151887RUS2433
9FMTimerkhanov Alexander24177938RUS2388
4IMBerzinsh Roland11600357LAT2368
5FMChukavin Kirill4503023EST2336
8FMAskerov Marat24175200RUS2335
1FMFilipets Egor13503928BLR2329
2FMToivonen Alexander V.4107918RUS2324
7FMSuleymanyants Odisey24149357RUS2275
3IMGazik Igor14900149SVK2256