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Carifta Quyalifiers 2020

Last update 01.12.2019 22:58:10, Creator/Last Upload: BermudaChess

Starting rank

1ACMGontcharov Dimitri8800979BER1433
2Flanagan Dylan8801207BER0
3Flanagan Odin8801193BER0
4Robinson Tristan8801142BER1220
5Simmons Ocean8801517BER0
6Varwandkar Neil8801479BER1104
7Botelho Christian8801177BER0
8Pesco Lorenzo8801126BER0
9Lau Joseph8801860BER0
10Mohipp Michael8801851BER0
11Bigley James8801835BER0
12Bigley Madeline8801843BER0
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