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Club Argentino de Ajedrez -COPA CLUB ARGENTINO "FIN DE AÑO" SUB-2200 19:30 HS - $10000 EN PREMIOS - VALIDO ELO

Last update 20.12.2019 22:23:42, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

not paired

17Andrade, Jose1643ARG******
2Auernheimer, Juan1949ARG**
6Baudel, Simon1840FRA*
13Brie, Juan1671ARG**
31Cadelago, Luis0ARGbye*
11Castiglione, Jose Eugenio1727ARG**
4Ccerhuayo Escobedo, Mels Leopold1863PER*
8D Andrea, Walter1795ARG**
19Deleau, Alberto Jorge1573ARG*
29Farina, Clery1155ARGbye
30Foti, Angel1130ARG*
25Girona, Martin1486ARG**
22Guelman, Jorge Miguel1516ARG**
16Hoeschele, Hermann1650ARG*
21Matvyeyev, Alexander1524ARG**
1Ocampos, Ian2112ARG**
26Plazas, Jacob1451ARG**
20Reyes Garcia, Gilberto1546CRC**
28Romano, Florencia1383ARG*bye
32Romans, Marcelo0ARGbye*
24Runstein, Eduardo1498ARG**
9Scagliarini, Mauro1792ARG*
27Stolarz, Gaston1402ARGbye
15Yalet, Nestor1663ARG**