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Asian Individual Open Chess Championship 2011

Last update 10.05.2011 22:43:56, Creator: malaysian chess federation,Last Upload: ia fide

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMHarikrishna P2666IND 27b1 15w½ 41b1 5w½ 4b1 2b½ 16w½ 6w½ 10b16,50,0261544,5
2GMYu Yangyi2646CHN 39b1 22w1 4b½ 40w1 5b1 1w½ 6b½ 8w1 3b06,50,0260745,5
3GMNguyen Ngoc Truong Son2635VIE 24b½ 13w½ 7b½ 41w1 40b1 5w½ 4b½ 15w1 2w16,50,0254742,5
4GMJumabayev Rinat2558KAZ 45w1 46b1 2w½ 6b½ 1w0 26b1 3w½ 16b½ 19w16,00,0264043,0
5GMBu Xiangzhi2662CHN 7w1 8b1 9w1 1b½ 2w0 3b½ 23w1 12b½ 6w½6,00,0263648,5
6GMSasikiran Krishnan2676IND 13b½ 42w1 18b1 4w½ 9b½ 11w1 2w½ 1b½ 5b½6,00,0261346,0
7Lu Shanglei2473CHN 5b0 38w1 3w½ 19b0 42w1 30b1 21w½ 26b1 23w16,00,0260140,0
8GMMoradiabadi Elshan2536IRI 38w1 5w0 24b½ 25b1 43w½ 31w1 9b1 2b0 16w16,00,0258840,5
9GMNegi Parimarjan2622IND 25w1 17b1 5b0 15w1 6w½ 19b½ 8w0 29b1 12w½5,50,0261643,0
10GMZhao Jun2574CHN 37b½ 28w½ 39b1 22w½ 13b1 16w½ 15b½ 11w1 1w05,50,0256540,0
11GMZhou Weiqi2610CHN 32w1 34b½ 26w½ 17b½ 23w1 6b0 14w1 10b0 29w15,50,0255639,5
12GMSo Wesley2667PHI 14w½ 43b½ 34w1 23b0 27w½ 36b1 20w1 5w½ 9b½5,50,0255338,5
13IMBarbosa Oliver2506PHI 6w½ 3b½ 30w½ 49b1 10w0 34b1 19w½ 23b½ 17w½5,00,0260641,0
14GMIsmagambetov Anuar2500KAZ 12b½ 19w1 15b0 29w½ 35b½ 44w1 11b0 24w1 30b½5,00,0258438,5
15GMWen Yang2545CHN 49w1 1b½ 14w1 9b0 26w½ 43b1 10w½ 3b0 20w½5,00,0258241,5
16GMGanguly Surya Shekhar2643IND 36w½ 48b1 23w½ 26b½ 17w1 10b½ 1b½ 4w½ 8b05,00,0256242,0
17GMKunte Abhijit2526IND 47b1 9w0 28b1 11w½ 16b0 24w½ 31b½ 32w1 13b½5,00,0254839,0
18GMSethuraman S P2527IND 48w½ 36b1 6w0 34b½ 30w½ 25b½ 43w1 19b0 35w15,00,0254335,0
19GMKasimdzhanov Rustam2685UZB 43w½ 14b0 48w1 7w1 22b½ 9w½ 13b½ 18w1 4b05,00,0253440,0
20GMGomez John Paul2538PHI 42b0 35w½ 37b1 44w½ 24b½ 40w1 12b0 28w1 15b½5,00,0247134,5
21GMCao Sang2547VIE 35b1 41w½ 40b0 24w½ 44b½ 39w½ 7b½ 25w½ 37b15,00,0243934,0
22GMLaylo Darwin2516PHI 50w1 2b0 46w1 10b½ 19w½ 23b0 25w½ 30b½ 33w½4,50,0258638,0
23GMAdhiban B2543IND 44b½ 37w1 16b½ 12w1 11b0 22w1 5b0 13w½ 7b04,50,0258241,5
24Wang Chen2436CHN 3w½ 30b½ 8w½ 21b½ 20w½ 17b½ 33w½ 14b0 38w14,50,0257141,5
25IMLou Yiping2435CHN 9b0 47w1 31b½ 8w0 37b1 18w½ 22b½ 21b½ 26w½4,50,0255339,0
26GMMegaranto Susanto2529INA 40b½ 44w1 11b½ 16w½ 15b½ 4w0 39b1 7w0 25b½4,50,0253439,5
27IMVidit Santosh Gujrathi2495IND 1w0 49b0 50w1 46b1 12b½ 29w0 37b½ 44w1 31b½4,50,0252533,5
28FMAhmadinia E2429IRI 30w½ 10b½ 17w0 38b0 46w1 32b½ 45w1 20b0 43w14,50,0251534,5
29GMParagua Mark2542PHI 46w0 45b1 49w½ 14b½ 34w½ 27b1 35w1 9w0 11b04,50,0249734,5
30GMGhaem Maghami Ehsan2606IRI 28b½ 24w½ 13b½ 35w½ 18b½ 7w0 34b1 22w½ 14w½4,50,0248438,5
31GMGopal G N2592IND 34w0 32b1 25w½ 43b½ 38w1 8b0 17w½ 35b½ 27w½4,50,0248036,5
32IMVaibhav Suri2430IND 11b0 31w0 44b0 50w1 47b1 28w½ 40b1 17b0 41w14,50,0247332,5
33GMHou Yifan2612CHN 41b0 40w0 38b0 45w½ 50b1 42w1 24b½ 36w1 22b½4,50,0242030,5
34IMAlavi Sayed Javad2428IRI 31b1 11w½ 12b0 18w½ 29b½ 13w0 30w0 45b½ 44b14,00,0257937,5
35IMYang Kaiqi2409CHN 21w0 20b½ 36w1 30b½ 14w½ 38b1 29b0 31w½ 18b04,00,0255037,5
36IMShyam Sundar M2457IND 16b½ 18w0 35b0 47w1 41b1 12w0 44b½ 33b0 46w14,00,0252633,5
37IMGao Rui2419CHN 10w½ 23b0 20w0 48b1 25w0 49b1 27w½ 43b1 21w04,00,0252134,5
38Noroozi Omid2340IRI 8b0 7b0 33w1 28w1 31b0 35w0 47b1 39w1 24b04,00,0250738,0
39IMDarini Pouria2471IRI 2w0 50b1 10w0 42b½ 49w1 21b½ 26w0 38b0 45w14,00,0249334,5
40FMPourramezanali Amirreza2330IRI 26w½ 33b1 21w1 2b0 3w0 20b0 32w0 46b0 49w13,50,0256239,5
41Yu Ruiyuan2431CHN 33w1 21b½ 1w0 3b0 36w0 45b0 48w1 49b1 32b03,50,0253836,5
42FMSadeh Shahin2343IRI 20w1 6b0 43w0 39w½ 7b0 33b0 49w0 50b1 48w13,50,0252533,5
43GMDao Thien Hai2512VIE 19b½ 12w½ 42b1 31w½ 8b½ 15w0 18b0 37w0 28b03,00,0256939,5
44IMDebashis Das2392IND 23w½ 26b0 32w1 20b½ 21w½ 14b0 36w½ 27b0 34w03,00,0251637,0
45GMAnnageldyev Orazly2418TKM 4b0 29w0 47b0 33b½ 48w1 41w1 28b0 34w½ 39b03,00,0249634,0
46FMBakr Jwan2368SYR 29b1 4w0 22b0 27w0 28b0 47w0 50b1 40w1 36b03,00,0247534,5
47Arabi Saeid2141IRI 17w0 25b0 45w1 36b0 32w0 46b1 38w0 48b0 50w13,00,0242530,5
48Khademi Mohammad Miran2308IRI 18b½ 16w0 19b0 37w0 45b0 50w1 41b0 47w1 42b02,50,0249532,0
49FMAl-Ali Hussein Ali Hussein2394IRQ 15b0 27w1 29b½ 13w0 39b0 37w0 42b1 41w0 40b02,50,0248734,0
50Yang Ching Wei Austin1717TPE 22b0 39w0 27b0 32b0 33w0 48b0 46w0 42w0 47b00,00,0246231,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameters)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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