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Copa de Cantabria 2019

Posledná aktualizácia 24.11.2019 22:20:58, Creator/Last Upload: federación cántabra de ajedrez

Konečné poradie po 5 kolách

Por.č. DružstvoPartie +  =  -  TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
11Club de Ajedrez Solvay ''A''55001015,5046,5
23Torres Blancas ''A''5401814,5044,0
37Club Ajedrez Camargo5221613,5042,5
45Astillero ''B''5302612,5042,5
66Ocio y Cultura UGT5221610,0048,0
74Real Club de Regatas5221610,0046,0
917Pielagos ''B''4112511,5035,0
108Pielagos ''A''521259,5049,0
119Circulo de Recreo521259,5043,5
1212Club de Ajedrez Solvay ''B''521259,0052,0
1311Torres Blancas ''B''5122410,5040,0
1415Ajedrez Campoo512249,5036,5
1514Pielagos ''C''512248,5044,5
1613Torres Blancas ''C''511338,5039,0
1719Club de Ajedrez Solvay ''C''401337,0143,5
1816Astillero ''A''401337,0142,5
1918CDE Dama Blanca401336,5038,0

Tie Break1: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break2: points (normal points + points from the qualifying rounds)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints
Tie Break4: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)