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I Torneig Professors EscaciMat

Last update 08.11.2019 20:47:24, Creator/Last Upload: carlos busom isach


Round 1
122188Muñoz Cuesta Emili0 - 1Sabater Comas Jordi20099
232000Garcia Jose Ramon0 - 1Vigo Allepuz David22268
342155Godesard Forga Carles1 - 0Maspoch Vila Marc19807
452095Cano Sevilla Ivan0 - 1Jiménez Ruano Adrià23666
511988Poyato Duran David0bye0-1
Round 2
171980Maspoch Vila Marc0 - 1Cano Sevilla Ivan20955
282226Vigo Allepuz David1 - 0Godesard Forga Carles21554
392009Sabater Comas Jordi0 - 1Garcia Jose Ramon20003
411988Poyato Duran David1 - 0Muñoz Cuesta Emili21882
562366Jiménez Ruano Adrià0bye0-1
Round 3
132000Garcia Jose Ramon1 - 0Poyato Duran David19881
242155Godesard Forga Carles0 - 1Sabater Comas Jordi20099
352095Cano Sevilla Ivan1 - 0Vigo Allepuz David22268
462366Jiménez Ruano Adrià1 - 0Maspoch Vila Marc19807
522188Muñoz Cuesta Emili0bye0-1
Round 4
182226Vigo Allepuz David1 - 0Jiménez Ruano Adrià23666
292009Sabater Comas Jordi½ - ½Cano Sevilla Ivan20955
311988Poyato Duran David0 - 1Godesard Forga Carles21554
422188Muñoz Cuesta Emili1 - 0Garcia Jose Ramon20003
571980Maspoch Vila Marc0bye0-1
Round 5
142155Godesard Forga Carles0 - 1Muñoz Cuesta Emili21882
252095Cano Sevilla Ivan1 - 0Poyato Duran David19881
362366Jiménez Ruano Adrià1 - 0Sabater Comas Jordi20099
471980Maspoch Vila Marc½ - ½Vigo Allepuz David22268
532000Garcia Jose Ramon0bye0-1
Round 6
192009Sabater Comas Jordi1 - 0Maspoch Vila Marc19807
211988Poyato Duran David0 - 1Jiménez Ruano Adrià23666
322188Muñoz Cuesta Emili0 - 1Cano Sevilla Ivan20955
432000Garcia Jose Ramon0 - 1Godesard Forga Carles21554
582226Vigo Allepuz David0bye0-1
Round 7
152095Cano Sevilla Ivan1 - 0Garcia Jose Ramon20003
262366Jiménez Ruano Adrià1 - 0Muñoz Cuesta Emili21882
371980Maspoch Vila Marc0 - 1Poyato Duran David19881
482226Vigo Allepuz David1 - 0Sabater Comas Jordi20099
542155Godesard Forga Carles0bye0-1
Round 8
111988Poyato Duran David0 - 1Vigo Allepuz David22268
222188Muñoz Cuesta Emili1 - 0Maspoch Vila Marc19807
332000Garcia Jose Ramon0 - 1Jiménez Ruano Adrià23666
442155Godesard Forga Carles1 - 0Cano Sevilla Ivan20955
592009Sabater Comas Jordi0bye0-1
Round 9
162366Jiménez Ruano Adrià1 - 0Godesard Forga Carles21554
271980Maspoch Vila Marc0 - 1Garcia Jose Ramon20003
382226Vigo Allepuz David1 - 0Muñoz Cuesta Emili21882
492009Sabater Comas Jordi½ - ½Poyato Duran David19881
552095Cano Sevilla Ivan0bye0-1