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Ratsu Karikas III-VIII klass

Last update 08.11.2019 17:55:29, Creator/Last Upload: estonian chess support organization

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Jõgi HenryEST05,00,0516,0
24Kangust RuutEST04,00,0416,0
324Varblane HenrikEST04,00,0415,0
415Riispapp KertEST04,00,0414,0
57Lillend FrediEST04,00,0412,5
611Mugur HenriEST03,00,0316,0
710Möller MihkelEST03,00,0314,5
812Püüman Jan ErikEST03,00,0313,5
21Tau SebastianEST03,00,0313,5
1020Tambla HendrikEST03,00,0312,5
1122Toompark TaaviEST03,00,039,5
1217Sild MarkusEST02,50,5212,0
131Animägi Arthur MartiEST02,50,529,5
142Jõeorg MariusEST02,00,0215,5
1523Uukkivi KarlEST02,00,0212,5
165Karilaid Patrik SebastianEST02,00,0211,5
176Laager PatrickEST02,00,0211,5
1818Sokolov MarcelEST02,00,0210,0
199Mölder Tim RingoEST01,50,519,5
2019Suppi SebastianEST01,50,5010,5
2113Rannaste MarkoEST01,00,0115,0
2216Salumaa Siim SanderEST01,00,0111,0
238Mell KristjanEST01,00,008,5
2414Reiljan HenryEST00,00,008,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)